Wolsey Writers Cafe

Meet. Write. Share.


Wolsey Writers CAFÉ is a free, informal meetup. What are you writing? How is it going…?

  • Meet – Peer support. Chat with other writers and creatives.
  • Write – A space for personal writing. Bring your work in progress, or just an idea? Find out about our Creative Communities project this season.
  • Share – Share drafts, feedback, and inspiration. Share news, tips, and biscuits.

Tickets are Free, but should still be booked via NWT Box Office.

You can support our theatre by buying a treat from the bar, or make a donation if you wish.

‘Excellent forum to meet other writers, share work and get constructive feedback.’

‘Great to talk to other local writers and be forced out of comfort zone (OK, more nudged than forced!)’

Sorry 🙁
No meetups in Summer 2022.

Check socials for updates in the Autumn.


Creative writing workshops are deep-dives into a theme; includes groupwork, focused writing time, support, and inspiration.


Free, informal meetups for writers and creatives in the upstairs bar. Peer support and special guest authors.

Facilitated by Katie Ward, an award-winning Suffolk author, published in the UK and US. Wolsey Writers is suitable for adults & young people age 16+ with a commitment to creative writing.

New Wolsey Theatre, Civic Drive, Ipswich, Suffolk IP1 2AS
Tel +44 (0) 1473 295900
Email tickets@wolseytheatre.co.uk

Insta @wolseywriters

FB @katiewardwriter

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