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Hilary Mantel wins the David Cohen award at the British Library. 7/3/13 Photo Tom PIlston

When Hilary Mantel received the prestigious David Cohen Prize for Literature on Thursday 7 March 2013, she chose Katie Ward as the recipient of the Clarissa Luard Award.

The David Cohen Prize recognises an entire body of work by a British or Irish writer; it is also in the gift of the winner to decide who receives the Clarissa Luard Award. Valued at £12,500 (Arts Council England) the Clarissa Luard is given to a writer under the age of 35 (or to an organisation that supports young writers).

On receiving the Clarissa Luard Award at a ceremony at the British Library, Katie said:

‘Encouragement is precious to writers. Whether it comes from a schoolteacher, a loved one, an expert, or a reader – encouragement given at the right time, and in the right spirit, can make the difference between whether books get written or they don’t. For this reason, I’m so grateful to receive the Clarissa Luard, an award named for someone who made it her business to encourage writers. My thanks to the Arts Council; Book Trust; Ursula Doyle; and Bill Hamilton. And my biggest Thank You of all to Hilary Mantel, for your guidance, friendship and belief, and for the encouragement that you continue to give. I will treasure it always.’

Radio 4 Interview

Interview with Hilary and Katie on Front Row, BBC Radio 4 (from 20 mins).

BBC Radio 4 Interview - Front Row Daily