Pathways - Reviews

‘Pathways is a remarkable feat. A compelling and original novel centred on the interwoven lives of two fascinating women, Pathways offers a meditation on human connection – neurological and emotional. Ward emerges as a novelist of tremendous skill: her prose is intelligent, rich and deeply touching.’ Jessica Cornwell

‘In her long awaited second novel Katie Ward unleashes the full force of her poetic instincts and intellectual rigour on the endlessly refracting experience that is the human mind in the human body: the slippage between individual consciousness and objective reality. In shimmering, impressionistic prose, she presents us with a series of dizzying snapshots of modern life in all its extreme indignity, banality and yes, preciousness. Ward’s sharp, sardonic ear is ever alert to the absurdity and inadequacies of everyday interactions; perhaps most impressive is her deep understanding of the experience of living in a female body.’ Kate Worsley

‘If you like your books deeply engaging to almost hypnotising, you’ll love sinking into the skin of each character, chapter by chapter. I just love how seamlessly the story moves between the women – bloody fabulous!’ Eva Verde

‘Pathways is sublime. A skilled and insightful observer of the human condition, Ward weaves the connective tissue together between her characters – and ultimately ourselves – beautifully.’ Chioma Okereke

‘Wonderful… It’s thrillingly written, delicately accomplished and will live in my head for a long time.’ Lloyd Shepherd

‘Between a scientist and her step-daughter, neuroscience, Cambridge and Las Vegas, is woven the most original love story I have read in a long time. Funny, poignant, elegantly written, I adored this novel.’ Amanda Hodgkinson